Yen have been jumped to the highest level, 1 NT$ 2.7 $Y. Sounds incredible but it is crucial issue about the international exchange market. Japan suffers on the increasing rate; I tried to find out what the reason is. The subprime mortgage financial crisis is played the main factor. Since the greatly increased rate of lending led to the US housing bubble, many opportunists tended to buy the Yen which is a most stable currency. It is caused the currency policy of Japan’s authority; the zero-percent saving has been kept from 10 year ago. The strategy of the opportunists’ played as borrowed the Yen to save in foreign banks which might support 6% - 7% interest rate. However, in this financial crisis, every country lowers their rate to protect themselves. Yen can’t be lower at all, people seek and buy the Yen, as a result, Yen become higher and higher price against dollar.

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